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Years on Board
M Adams, Louise Wife of Dale Adams (decd) 1951-1955
M Adler, Susan Wife of Joel A. Adler (decd) 1951-1952
M Albro, Annie Wife of Gerarde Albro (decd) 1950-1952
M Alexieff, Even Grandson of Edward Ketelsen 1956-1958
M Allen, Ernestine Wife of Richard Allen 1951-1954
M Anderson, Diane Ken Anderson 1953-1955
M Anderson, Sylvia John Anderson (deceased) 1955-1957
M Andrews, Marion Wife of Marshall H. Andrews (Deceased) 1952-1955
M Angelico, Eleanor Wife of Sam,  (Decd) 1955-1955
M Arlequeeuw, Yvonne Wife of Willy Arlequeeuw (deceased) 1852-1956
M Armstrong, Rachel Wife of James (Decd) 1944-1946
M Atwell, Hanna Wife of George Atwell (decd) 1951-1953
M Austin, Leone Wife of James D. Austin (deceased) 1944-1945
M Bailey, Shirley Wife of Glenn Bailey (decd) 1956-1957
M Barbas, Betty Wife of Allen Barbas (deceased) 1953-1955
M Barnwell, Doris Wife of Jerry S. Barnwell (deceased) 1950-1952
M Bauer, Nicki Wife of John Bauer 1988-1990
M Beck, Victoria Robert Baum (decd) 1946-1947
M Behr, Dennis Wisconsin American Legion
M Benkert, Mureen Wife of John P Benkert ( deceased) 1951-1954
M Bennett, Janet Wife of James L. Bennett (deceased) 1951-1952
M Bethel, Andrew G. Son-In-Law of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Bethel, Andrew J. Grandson of Dom Menta 1852-1956
M Bethel, Donna Daughter of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Bethel, Jessica Granddaughter of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Blitzer, Nancy Wife of Edward H. Blitzer (deceased) 1944-1945
M Bloomfield, Arlene Wife of Werner Bloomfield (deceased) 1953-1957
M Blouch, Nancy Wife Of Raymond Blouch 1954-1955
M Borkowski, Victoria John Cavese 7th Division 1953-1955
M Borzon, Lillian Wife of Raymond Borzon (deceased) 1955-1957
M Bouchonville, Evelyn Andrew Bouchonville 1988-1989
M Bowers, Michael L. Interest in military history -
M Boyette, Rose Marie Wife of Jack Boyette 1954-1958
M Bozman, Joyce Wife of David Bozman 1987-1990
M Bradshaw, LaDonna Wife of Thomas Bradshaw 1987-1990
M Brainard, Deborah Daughter of Clarence W. Brainard 1952-1953
M Brainard, Mary Daughter of Clarence W. Brainard 1952-1953
M Bramble, Doris William (decd) 1951-1953
M Breeze, Edna Donald Breeze (decd) 1951-1952
M Breitkreutz, Mary Jean Daughter of Vincent W. Schaben (deceased) 1944-1945
M Brickett, Joyce Charles Brickett 1955-1955
M Bridgewater, Lucy William Bridgewater 1946-1948
M Brinkman, Joyce Wife of Richard Brinkman 1951-1954
M Brown, Catherine A. Daughter of Robert Vickers (deceased) 1944-1945
M Brown, Catherine Robert Brown (decd) 1945-1946
M Brown, Darcy Daughter of Michael D. Brown 1988-1990
M Brown, Kathleen Thomas M (decd) 1952-1953
M Brown, Tina Wife of Michael D. Brown 1988-1990
M Brownlee, Joanne Wife of Richard Brownlee (deceased) 1951-1953
M Bruce, Gary Son of Benjamin Bruce (deceassed) 1944-1946
M Bryant, Rachel Wife of Lee Bryant (decd) 1943-1946
M Buckius, Janice Wife of Donald Buckius (deceased) 1955-1957
M Bulmer, Claire Wife of Lawrence Bulmer (deceased) 1956-1958
M Cacchione, Antoinette Wife of George Cacchione (deceased) 1953-1954
M Carness, Shirley Wife of Mitchell Carness 1953-1954
M Casey, Helen Paul Casey (Decd) 1956-1957
M Christopher, Sippel, Cindy Daughter of Martin Sippel (deceased) 1951-1955
M Christopher, Mary Charles Christopher (deceased) 1955-1957
M Cohen, Maxine Wife of Avram 1956-1958
M Collins, Debra Windell Johnson (decd) 1952-1956
M Condon, Bonnie Curtis Condon 1952-1955
M Condon, Joseph A. Son of Edward P. Condon (deceased) 1951-1952
M Conti, Richard Nauticus .
M Contaras, Gloria Wife of Milton Contaras 1951-1954
M Cook, Mary L. Timm (Decd) 1953-1957
M Corsale, Barbara Wife of Eugene J. Corsale (deceased) 1951-1953
M Cosgrove, Lucille Arthur (decd) 1951-1952
M Costande, Lucy Jerry Costande (Decd) 1944-1945
M Costello, Margaret John A. Costello (Decd) 1943-1947
M Cox, Su Layne Kenneth Cox (Decd) 1988-1991
M Crandall, Jacqueline Ronald (decd) 1956-1958
M Cubbage, Brandon Grandson of Robert Tilton 1953-1955
M Daggett, Marge L. Linwood Daggett 1951-1954
M Dahlberg, Emily Donald (decd) 1951-1953
M Danielle, Gloria  Joseph  (decd) 1944-1945
M Darnell, Jean Landon Darnell (decd) 1944-1946
M Davis, Judy Wife of Robert 1954-1956
M Davis, Patricia Wife of James G. Davis (deceased) 1954-1957
M Dean, Christina Wife of Alan Dean 1951-1953
M DeBoer, Lois Richard DeBoer 1953-1954
M DeFazio, Marlene Frank (Decd) 1953-1955
M DeGrazia, Karen Guy Tringali 1950-1954
M DeLaCruz, Mary Pedro DeLaCruz (decd) 1953-1954
M Delgardo, Stella Wife of Richard Delgardo (deceased) 1943-1946
M DeLoach, Virginia Lloyd (decd) 1943-1945
M DeRosa, Astrid Wife of John DeRosa (deceased) 1953-1954
M Determan, Judith Wife of Joseph Determan 1951-1954
M Dolan, Barbara Len (decd) 1951-1952
M Donnelly, Dorothy William (Decd) 1951-1953
M Donzelli, Mary Herbert Donzelli (decd) 1951-1953
M Downs, Eleanor James (decd) 1944-1945
M Doyle, Merylee Ronald (decd) 1956-1958
M Dunton, Louise Wife of Lloyd Dunton Jr. (deceased) 1957-1958
M Elliker, John S. Nauticus Project Manager
M Elliott, Betty Wife of Carthell Elliott 1944-1945
M Episcopo, Janet Rocco (decd) 1951-1955
M Errico,Thelma Joseph (decd) 1943-1946
M Ewell, Muriel Albert  (decd) 1946-1946
M Fair, Brian Nauticus
M Fasnacht, Grace Charles (decd) 1954-1956
M Ficke, Eleanore John (decd) Midshipman
M Fimmano, Connie Joseph Fimmano 1951-1952
M Fisher, Martin Nauticus .
M FitzGerald, Millie James (decd) 1951-1954
M Florey, Esther Dale Florey (decd) 1946-1948
M Foster, Patricia Wife of Glenn Foster 1988-1991
M Fourney, Vicki Wife of Louis "Bud" Fourney (deceased) 1953-1955
M Foutch, Violet Wife of Byron Foutch (deceased) 1946-1948
M Foy, Rosemary James (decd) 1951-1954
M Frazier, Betty William (decd) 1944-1945
M Fredericks, Shirley Walter (decd) 1946-1947
M Frey-Smith, Joan Donald E. Smith (decd) 1946-1947
M Garnand, Lorena Clinton Garnand (decd) 1944-1945
M Gaumont, Milly Rodger Gaumont (decd) 1952-1953
M Gingrich, Eugene Richard Gingrich (decd) 1951-1953
M Gingrich, Helen Richard Gingrich(decd) 1951-1953
M Gitzel, Pete
M Gleason, Barbara Wife of James F. Gleason (deceased) 1953-1954
M Glenn, Wanda Wife of Forrest E. Glenn (deceased) 1944-1946
M Goldstein, Ruth Sheldon (decd) 1951-1952
M Goltowski, Anne Sylvester Goltowski (decd) 1950-1954
M Graham, Carolyn Wife of Lance W. Graham (deceased) 1988-1989
M Grand, Gerry Wife of Chester Grand 1955-1956
M Greenwood, Jody Wife of John Greenwood (deceased) 1953-1956
M Griffin, Eva Edward (decd) 1944-1946
M Gryga, Arlene Robert  Gryga(decd)   1954-1957
M Gunther, Beverly John (decd) 1946-1947
M Hall, Betty Burns Wife of Wendell E.  (Decd) 1951-1952
M Halloran, Mary Charles J. Halloran (decd) 1951-1953
M Hamann, Claire Wife of Richard Hamann 1951
M Hambright, Marilynn  James W.  (decd) 1950-1952
M Hammer, Gail  Donald H.  (decd) 1944-1945
M Harris, Ruth Wife of Eldon Harris 1954-1956
M Hart, Lesley Wife of Michael E. Hart (decedsed) 1987-1990
M Hartwigsen, Kristen Daughter of Paul Hartwigsen 1956-1958
M Hartwigsen, Sharon Wife of Paul Hartwigsen 1956-1958
M Heath, Joanne Wife of Don Heath 1951-1952
M Heisler, Catherine Wife of John Heisler (deceased) 1947-1948
M Hella, Virginia Roy Hella 1955-1958
M Hendricks, Shirley Wife of Frederick Hendricks (deceased) 1953-1956
M Herd, Jane William Herd 1944-1945
M Hlywa, Carolyn Andrew (decd) 1953-1956
M Hogan, Sophie Wife of Edward (Decd) 1943-1946
M Holmberg, Mary Wife of Richard Holmberg 1954-1955
M Horton, Henry A . .
M Hotaling, Claire Charles Hotaling (decd) 1946-1947
M Howland, Carolina Wife of Lewis Howland, Jr. 1954-1956
M Huffman, Helen Wife of William Huffman (decd) 1944-1946
M Huffman, Mary Jane Eugene (decd) 1945-1948
M Hummel, Nancy Wife of Fred Hummel (decd) 1950-1952
M Hunt, Mary Wife of Raymond Hunt 1952-1954
M Hurst, Joan Davey T. Hurst (decd) 1952-1956
M Ivonen, Jean Richard (decd) 1944-1946
M Jackson, Hilda Wife of Raymond Jackson 1953-1956
M Jacobson, Adrienne . .
M Jaffres, Karleen Daughter of Karl Mattis 1951-1954
M Jaffres, Loic Son-in-law of Karl Mattis 1951-1954
M Janz, Jim . .
M Jarvis, Denise Wife of Reed W. Jarvis (deceased) 1951-1952
M Jenkins, Betty Robert Jenkins 1944-1946
M Jewett, Pauline Wife of John (decd) 1946-1948
M Johnson, Anna Wife of Windell Johnson(decd) 1952-1956
M Johnson, Ellen  David  (decd) 1955-1958
M Johnson, Joan George Johnson 1951-1955
M Johnson, Rolf Nauticus
M Jolly, Sandra Wife of Edward Jolly 1954-1956
M Jones, Ann M. Wife of Thomas R. Jones 1956-1958
M Jones, Barbara Wife of Malcolm Jones (deceased) 1950-1952
M Justice, Joyce Jacke L. Justice (decd) 1951-1954
M Kanter, Nancy Wife of Dr.Eugene Kanter (deceased) 1956-1957
M Kavanuagh, Jack RADM Ret. .
M Keene, Thomas Francis (deceased) 1955-1956
M Kelby, Jane Albert  (decd) 1944-1948
M Kells, Nelva Wife of Robert Kells (Deceased) 1953-1954
M Kempton, Paulette George Kempton (decd) 1946
M Kennedy, Cyndy Patrick Kennedy 1955-1956
M Kennedy, Helen Glenn Kennedy (Decd) 1951-1954
M Kent, Evelyn George (decd) 1943-1945
M Kentfield, Ellen Charles Kentfield (Decd) 1944-1946
M Ketelsen, Evelyn Daughter of Edward Ketelsen 1956-1958
M Ketelsen, Catherine Daughter of Edward Ketelsen 1956-1958
M Key, Larry Friend of Tom Bradshaw 1987-1990
M Kiefer, Marilyn Rick (decd) 1950-1952
M Kimbrough, Bobbye Friend of Henry Grochowski FA Div 1952-1953
M Kintz, Ruth William (decd) 1944-1945
M Kirkland, Nancy Wife of William Kirkland 1952-1952
M Kirkland, Thomas . .
M Kliesen, Marcia Wife of Roger Kliesen      0
M Kluge, Anna Wife of Charles R. Kluge (deceased) 1953-1955
M Kluttz, Edna Robert L.  (decd) 1943-1945
M Knapp, Mary Wife of Donald E. Knapp (deceased) 1951-1954
M Knepley, Bess Wife of Sam Knepley 1952-1954
M Knoll, Aretta Foster Knoll (Decd) 1953-1956
M Koberlein, Allen/Nancy Al Jacobsen (decd) 1951-1953
M Kobos, MaryAnn Stanley (decd) 1956-1958
M Koch, Judith Philip Koch 1989-1991
M Koch, Robert Philip Koch 1989-1991
M Kokidko, Ed Son of Leo Kokidko 1943-1946
M Kraft, Elaine Daughter of Bernard Johnson (deceased) 1944-1945
M Kraft, Michael Son-in-law of Bernard Johnson (deceased) 1944-1945
M Kraus, Helen Wife of Walter Kraus 1945-1946
M Kuhn, Catharine Wife of John Kuhn (deceased) 1947
M Laese, Ruth Robert J. Laese (decd) 1951-1954
M Lampert, Valda Donald W. (decd) 1951-1954
M Lassiter, Judy Wife of James Lassiter 1953-1956
M Lavoie, Reta Robert (decd) 1951-1955
M Lawrence, Audrey Robert (decd) 1944-1946
M Lawson, Maxine Charles B. Lawson 1944-1946
M Lehtonen, Gloria Walter (decd) 1951-1952
M Leick, Virginia Richard (decd) 1952-1954
M Lenhart, Neil Friend of Arthur Cross 1946-1948
M Lingford, Pam Wife of Gene 1956-1957
M Linthicum, Lillie  Wife of Samuel Linthicum (decesded) 1945-1946
M Loc, Syphan Daughter-in-Law of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Locklar, Pat Raymond (decd) 1944-1945
M Loftus, Deborah Daughter of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Loftus, John Son-in-Law of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Loftus, Joseph Grandson of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Loftus, Meghan Granddaughter of Dom Menta 1952-1956
M Long, Mary Wife of Thomas Long (deceased) 1945-1947
M Lorenson, Connie  Wife of Delbert Lorenson (Decd) 1945-1948
M Mackowiak, Mary Wife of Chester Mackowiak 1950-1953
M Malkowski, Helen Sigmund W. Malkowski (decd) 1951-1952
M Malone, Michael Son of Maurice Malone 1946-1948
M Manos, Mary John Manos (decd) 1947
M Maranilli, Helen Vincent (Decd) 1950-1952
M Marconnetti, Donna Harold (decd) 1951
M Marko, Elizabeth Wife of John Marko (deceased) 1945-1946
M Martin, Katherine George (decd) 1953
M Mawdsley, Katherine William McCoy  (decd) 1944-1945
M Mawer, Christine William Thoman   1944-1946
M May, Marion Robert May (decd) 1946
M McAlister, Jeanette Wife of Kenneth McAlister (deceased) 1944-1945
M McBride, Eleanor Thomas Mcbride 1955-1956
M McGroarty, Florence James (decd) 1944-1946
M McGuinness, Frances William (decd)  
M McVicker, Albert Docent .
M Miller, Audrey, M. George Miller (Dec.) 1953
M Miller, Elaine James  Miller(decd) 1945-1946
M Miller, Jr. James L. Son of James L. Miller, Sr. 1951-1952
M Millman, Marilyn Arnold Millman 1946-1948
M Mizzaro, Delores Mike (decd) 1955-1958
M Moix, Lisa Robert McClure (decd) 1951-1952
M Mulholland, Theresa Wife of Robert Mulholland (deceased) 1957-1958
M Murray, Mary Ellen Wife of James Murray (deceased) 1957-1958
M Murray, Nancy William Murray (deceased) 1951-1952
M Musack, Roger . .
M Nagel, Carol Nicholas (decd) 1987-1989
M Naizer, Joanne Daughter of John Naizer 1944-1946
M Naizer, Margaret Wife of John Naizer 1944-1946
M Nance, Faith Wife of Bob Nance (deceased) 1951-1955
M Nelson, Marie Wife of Myron E. Nelson (deceased) 1944-1945
M Nelson, Nancy Wife of Harley Nelson 1953-1955
M Nemovitz, Mildred Edward (decd) 1944-1945
M Neu, Dorothy James Neu (decd) 1951-1954
M Newport, Sara   Richard W.  (decd) 1953-1955
M Newton, Joan Richard Newton 1953-1956
M Olson, Marjorie Arthur Olson 1951-1954
M Orbach, Iris Willy Orbach (deceased) 1952-1954
M Orndorff, Mickey Thomas Orndorff 1955-1957
M Packer, Joyce Clarence Packer (decd) 1944-1947
M Padgett, Pat Benjamin H. Padgett 1944-1944
M Pannella, Patricia Sal Pannella(decd) 1951-1955
M Paschke, Sippel, Colleen Daughter of Martin Sippel (deceased) 1951-1955
M Patrykus, Gerry Wife of Robert (Deced) 1953-1954
M Paulk, Paula Wife of Jimmy Paulk 1987-1991
M Pearson, Gladys Marshall Pearson (decd) 1943-1946
M Pearson, Richard . .
M Pennell, Dorothy Wife of Robert 1955-1956
M Perrin, Jayne Martin M. Perrin (decd) 1944-1945
M Perryman, Earnestine Wife of Gary Pennyman 1987-1991
M Pezoldt, Gladys Richard Pezoldt (decd) 1946-1947
M Philbrick, Jr. Russell Russell Philbrick,Sr. 1944-1945
M Phillips II, Gene A. Active Duty Army (2012) US Army
M Phillips, Kathrine Wife of Gene Phillips II Associate Member US Army
M Piersante, Lorna Vincent (decd) 1956-1958
M Portuese, Carol Wife of Joseph (decd) 1951-1953
M Poulliot, Elizabeth Hampton Roads Naval Museum
M Price, Lucille Wife of James (Decd) 1944-1945
M Prichard, Frances Wife of Albert Prichard (deceased) 1951-1954
M Protivnak, Ruth Ann John Protivnak 1951-1955
M Putzig, Rosemary Robert A.  (decd) 1957-1958
M Ragsdale, Eula Wife of Hugh Ragsdale (decd)   1943-1946
M Raines, Patsy Wife of Robert Raines (deceased) 1956-1958
M Raney, Hildred Johnny  (decd) 1953-1956
M Rice, Elsie Walter Rice (decd) 1944-1945
M Rice, Ruth Tom  (decd) 1951-1954
M Ritter, Shirley Wife of Arthur Ritter (deceased) 1955-1957
M Robertson, Justin Grandson of James H. Ruffin, Jr. 1988-1989
M Rode, Robert Docent .
M Rogers, Christopher Son of David Rogers 1989-1991
M Rondinella, Joanne Ross Rondinella(decd) 1951-1953
M Rosell, Betty Harry Rosell (decd) 1944-1945
M Rosenblatt, Katherine Michael Rosenblatt 1987-1991
M Rott, Georgette Wife of Timothy Rott 1989-1991
M Rougeot, Patricia Wife of Roger Rougeot 1952-1956
M Rougeot, Jr Roger Son of  Roger Rougeot 1952-1956
M Roy, Janet Wife of Francis Pearsall 1956-1958
M Rudd, Rosa Louis Rudd (decd) 1944-1945
M Ruffin, Kathy Wife of James H. Ruffin, Jr. 1988-1989
M Sampey, Marlene Kenneth Sampey 1951-1955
M Sandy, Rita Dale Sandy (decd) 1951-1955
M Scott, Ronald L. Friend of Louis J. Fourney 1951-1953
M Scruggs, Virginia Wife of James Scruggs (deceased) 1944-1947
M Seavers, Mary Wife of Harold Seavers (deceased) 1951-1952
M Sewell, Dora Wife of David Sewell (deceased) 1956-1958
M Slanina, Frances Wife of John Slanina (deceased) 1951-1953
M Smerz, Raymond . .
M Smith, Martha R. Theodore (decd) 1944-1945
M Smith, Richard . .
M Sneed, Jessie Wife of Jack D, Sneed 1988-1992
M Sneed, Wilma James, (decd) 1955-1958
M Spears, Brenda Wife of David Mazeau (deceased) 1946-1946
M Spencer, Mary Wife of Ralph G. Spencer (deceased) 1951-1953
M Spicer, Carol Lawrence (decd) 1943-1946
M St.Louis, Mary Wife of Gerard St.Louis (deceased) 1944-1945
M Stafford, Virginia Wife of Richard Stafford (deceased) 1951-1955
M Stapleton, Jon Son of James Stapleton 1956-1958
M Stewart, Janet Douglas Stewart 1955-1958
M Stone, Anne Bernard Stone (deceased) 1956-1957
M Stone, Jean Wife of Homer J. Stone (deceased) 1944-1945
M Stout, Sara Robert Stout (decd) 1944-1946
M Sullivan, Shirley George (decd) 1955-1958
M Tabor, Roberta Wife of Melvin Tabor 1955-1958
M Taylor, Emelie Wife of Donald (Decd) 1952-1954
M Testa, Joan Samuel (decd) 1951-1954
M Theberge, Florence Wife of George (decd) 1951-1952
M Thibeault, Gretchen Wilfred Thibeault (Decd) 1951-1954
M Tilton, Robert P. Son of Robert W. Tilton 1953-1955
M Tobin,USN(Ret)RADMJake . .
M Tringali, Anthony Grandson of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Billy Grandson of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Charlotte Gaetano Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Christina Granddaughter of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, James Son of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Karen Daughter-in-Law of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Kenneth Son of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Kevin Grandson of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Kimberly Daughter-in-Law of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Kimberly Granddaughter of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, Matthew Grandson of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tringali, William Son of Guy Tringali 1951-1954
M Tritt, Carolyn Wife of Mac Don Tritt (deceased) 1952-1953
M Truluck, Lorraine Wife of Donovan (decd) 1944-1946
M Turner, Paul Friend of John Fox 1952-1955
M Twiford, Patricia Wife of Curtis Twiford 1951-1955
M Uhrinak, Joanne Stephen (decd) 1951-1955
M Umina, Rose Steven Umina (decd) 1944-1945
M Vossenberg, Anne Frans Vossenberg (decd) 1951-1952
M Vyhlidal, Arlene Wife of Stanley Vyhlidal 1956-1957
M Wallace, Ruby Estle (decd) 1951-1954
M Waller, Donna Wife of William T. Weller 1955-1958
M Ward, Cora Lee Franklin Ward (Decd) 1944-1945
M Ward, Irma George Ward (decd) 1951-1955
M Watson, John Sue Watson  
M Watson, Sue Docent
M Weber, Cindy Wife of Kenneth Weber 1987-1988
M Wells David Capt. H. Wells (decd)
M Wiedemann, Sue Wife Of James Wiedemann 1956-1957
M Wiedenhoeft, Kathleen (Kitty) Jerry Wiedenhoeft (decd) 1951-1955
M Willard, Barbara Wife of Harold "Apple" Willard (deceased) 1951-1953
M Williams, Ceil David S  (decd) 1950-1954
M Williams, Jane Teddy (Decd.) 1951-1952
M Williams, MaryAnn Bert William (decd) 1954-1958
M Wilson, Evelyn Seth (decd) 1951-1954
M Wilt, Norma Frank  (Decd) 1951-1954
M Wisniewski, Rita Eugene Wisniewski 1953-1955
M Woerpel, Alice  Wife of Harlan R. Woeerpel  (decd) 1951-1953
M Woerpel, Todd Son of Harlan Woerpei (deceased) 1951-1953
M Wolownik, Marie Richard Wolownik (decd) 1944-1945
M Woods, Anne Louise Wife of Cecil Woods (deceased) 1988-1991
M Woskow, Terry Marvin (decd) 1953-1954
M Yannuzzi, Jo-Ann Joe Yannuzzi 1956-1958
M Young, Marjorie Wife of Marshall Young (deceased) 1953-1954
M Young, Richard T ClaytonYoung 1944-1945
M Zimmerman, Miriam Wife of Robert Zimmerman 1955-1958
M Zurschmit, Franklin Docent

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