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                 This is NOT our ship's roster. 

These are former crewmembers that have either joined our Association, or just requested to have their email address listed.

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A "Plank owner" is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission.  In earlier years, this applied to a first commissioning: since then, it has often been applied to one who was part of a recommissioning crew as well.   "Plank owner" is not an official Navy term, and has consequently been variously defined by different Navy units

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** Plankowner



Years on Board

M Adams, A.M. SK2 S2 03/51-09/52
M Aldrich, Robert FPFN R 02/55-03/58
M Aliapoulios,Menelaos LTJG FM/NAV    06/52-06/54
. Allen, John T FN B 1952-1953
M Allen, Richard M BM3 4th 1951-1954
  Allison, Doug RD2 K/OI 1955-1958
M Allred, Charles HM2 H 1957-1958
  Allred, Morris N. MM3 M 1955-1958
  Alonzo, Louis ** YN3 A 1951-1952
. Altfield Perry HM2 H 1952-1954
M Ambrose, Robert YN2 ADMIN 1955-1956
. Anderson Cliff  Midshipman . 1957
M Anderson, Dean SN 5th 1951-1954
  Anderson, John M SN 1st 1953-1954
M Anderson, Kenneth JO3 EX 1953-1955
. Andrick, Grover GM3 1st 1953-1957
M Anners, James ** BT1 E 1951-1952
M Armstrong, Gerald B. DT3 DH 1957-1958
. Atkinson, Richard GM3 5th 1953-1956
. . . . .
  Baffa, Robert FT2 FA 1956-1958
  Baldwin, Fred EN3 A 1953-1956
. Ballard, Ken QM3 N 1957-1958
M Baranoski, Thomas SK1 S-2 06/51-08/53
  Baranowski Stan PFC Marine 1955-1957
M Barkocy, Andrew DK3 S-2 11/52-08/53
  Bates, Claude SN 3rd 1951-1953
M Batka, Robert ** SGT Marine 02/51-04/53
  Battaglia, William MM1 M 1953-1955
M Bauer, John  ** BT2 B 01/51-04/52
M Baugher, Robert EM2 E 02/54-08/57
  Beavers, Jimmy FN B 1956-1957
  Beck, Carl GM2 4th 1951-1954
M Beck, Charles** SHSN SS 1950-1953
. Becker Arthur MM2 M 1951-1955
M Becker, William FPG3 R 1951-1953
. Beckman Richard SH3 S3 1956-1957
M Beers, Curtis MM1/E6 M 1955-1958
. Benka, John SK1  S 1953/55-1957/58
M Bennett, Richard S1/C S-1 03/52-01/56
  Benway, Charley TE1 OC 1955-1956
M Berger, Charles SH3 SS 08/51-01/53
  Berrier, David Midshipman   1956-1956
  Beswick, Gordon MM3 M 03/56-03/58
M Betters, Ralph ** BM1 3rd 01/51-11/52
M Beurman, Donald RMSN C 1953-1954
  Bienvenue, Donald Pete CPL Marine 1955-1958
M Bird, Carroll A SN OI 1956-1957
M Birkenmaier, Hank FT3 FA 1951-1955
  Bjarnason, Jack MM3 B 1956-1958
  Black, Donald LTJG 2nd 1955-1956
M Black, Jerome MM2 A 01/51-05/52
  Blake, Charles EM2 E 1955-1957
. Blanchard, Ronnie SK3 S1 1950-1951
M Blouch, Raymond S1/C X 09/54-10/55
M Blume, Harry SN H 1953-1954
M Bodnar, Perry TE2 C 1951-1955
M Boehm, James DCG3 . 10/52-06/56
. Boles Henry GM3 2nd 1951-1954
  Bolgiano, Daniel FT2 FM 1953-1956
M Bonny, Marvin CS-2 S-1 1953-1954
  Botula, Bernard LTJG FM 1953-1956
M Bowen, Richard DT2 H 1956-1957
M Boyette, Jack RM3 OR 1955-1958
  Bradley, Thomas BT3 B 05/55-02/58
. Bradmon Ken  EM2 E 1955-1958
M Brainard, Clarence SA C 08/52-08/53
M Breeden, Arnold DC2 R 03/53-03/55
. Breen, Howard SN FA 1953-1954
  Bressman, Eddie FT3 FM 1955-1957
  Brewer, John GM3 4th 1951-1953
M Brickett, Charles Midshipman . 1955
M Brinkman, Richard** IC3 E 01/51-05/54
  Brittain, John SN H 1956-1957
  Brooke, James Midshipman . 1955
  Brown, Jones BM2/BM1 2nd / 5th

1/28/51-10/14/51  9/54-7/56

. Brown Harvey MM3 M 1951-1953
M Brown, Larry SHSN SS 1956-1958
M Brown, Thomas S DC3 L/R 08/51-05/55
. Bruemmer Jerry Midshipman . 1956
M Bruens, Raymond RD3 Radar 1951-1955
M Brummet, Jerry BTFN B 05/56-04/58
  Brunetti, Roland GM3 3rd 1951-1955
  Bryer, Philip LTJG 1st 1954-1955
  Buck, Frank BT3 B 1951-1955
M Buck, Robert RD1 K 08/53-05/56
  Bumgardner, James CPL Marine 1954-1956
M Burke, Gerald SN 5th 1955-1958
. Burrows, John SN B 1951
. Cadman, George W. Sr. SA 4th 1953-1954
  Caldwell, Jr. William E. SN 5th 1954-1958
  Calmes, Robert AT2 Radio 1957
M Capestrain, Carl DC3 R 11/54-05/56
M Carness, Mitchell RM3 C 1953-1954
  Carter, Ralph MM3 A 1952-1954
M Cavanna, Peter BTFN B 1955-1958
M Cavese, John BMSN 7th 1953-1955
  Chandler, William FTSN FA 09/51-05/53
  Chilton, James SN 1st 1953-1954
  Chizmar, Joseph GM3 1st 1953-1957
. Clark Frank ET3 T 1955-1956
  Clark, John Ken QMSN Q 1951-1952
  Clark, John L ** DC2 R 1950-1952
  Clarke, Lester FTSN FA 1955-1955
M Clement, DeVon "A" MM3 A 1951-1952
. Cleveland, Jack SN SS 1956-1958
. Cluck, Jim BT2 B 1951-1952
M Clyde, Andrew TE3 OR 1956-1957
  Coffel, Donald SA 3rd 1953-1954
M Cohen, Avram SH3 S3 1956-1958
. Cohen Arnold FN R 1955-1956
M Collins, Martin SA 3rd 12/56-03/58
  Comella, Angelo GMSN 4th 01/55-12/57
M Conant, Ben E3 M 1955-1958
M Condon, Curtis MM3 M 1952-1955
M Condon, Richard (Dick) MM2 A 1951-1954
M Contaras, Milton ** FT2 FM 1951-1954
. Cook Ken .BM3 3rd 1955-1957
  Cook, Leo EM1 E 1953-1956
  Cooke, Dixon RD2 K 1951-1954
M Cooper, Charles R FN R 1953-1956
. Cormier, Paul RD1 K 1952-1954
  Cottrill, James GM2 1st 09/53-02/54
  Couch, James SN 4th 1951-1954
M Coveleski, Donald ** CPL Marine 1950-1952
. Crandall, Lee Sn 1st 1953-1954
  Crawford, Jack ** GMC 6th 01/51-02/53
M Crawley, Frank CS2 S-1 1951-1952
M Cross, Pete EM2 E 04/53-06/56
  Crouch, Joseph ** TE3 C 1950-1952
M Croy, Julian D GM3/C 5th 1952-1956
  Culp, Jack FA R 04/57-1958
M Cummings, Cassius RM3 C 1953-1955
M Cummings, Warren CS2 S-1 1953-1955
M Curran, Francis (Frank) EM3/c E 1955-1957
M Curry, George QM3 Q 10/51-04/55
  . . . .

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